Karachi Time Lapse

Somewhere between gun shots, bomb blasts, being mugged and unpredictable strikes, I lost my love for Karachi.

I took refuge in my home, hardly ever setting my foot out unless for the most dire reasons. I stopped observing the minuscule details of the city where I opened my eyes in. At some point in these seventeen years, I switched my life to the survival mode.

However, today when I saw this video on Facebook, tears flooded my eyes. I am not a patriotic person. But this, video touched my heart. Every single shot is so intricately captured.

This is the Karachi where I grew up in. This is the place where I have learned all of my life lessons.

Thank you Fazz Kazi, for making me fall in love with Karachi all over again. Thank you for changing my negative perspective. Thank you for making me have pride for the place I live in. Tumhara ehsaan hamesha yaad rakhun gi.


8 thoughts on “Karachi Time Lapse

  1. Rowaid

    So for the last three days, I’m trying to ignore and not to share this video, as its already been shared by thousands. But there was something that make me watch it again and again, and couldn’t resist sharing any more after reading this small piece of writing.
    Thank you !!! Karachi is ❀

    A Karachiite, in Lahore for last 3 years.

  2. Shehroz Khalid

    Awsm awsm awsm……. no words to describe ur effort yar ❀ just lovin it……!! this video truly depicts one of the most busiest cities in the world…..!! but better to do all this with permission from the officials bro as karachi isn't a place to hangout with a cam n take 19,000 pix in a month πŸ˜€ but really gr8….. will look forward to ur work (y)

  3. It cuts me inside….everything going on in Karachi and the whole Pakistan….Hope everything gets better soon…all we can do is hope and pray ! Love your blog you write awesomly ! πŸ™‚ xx

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