Apna Karachi Fish

With the gradual rise of a plethora of diverse restaurants in Karachi, the number of open street restaurants has dwindled. The city’s condition has further contributed to this as it’s a natural instinct to dine in places which presumably provide security, a charming environment and of course; a diversity of dishes.

Obviously, when my parents desired to have fish in open air, on a pedestrian path; my sister and I were apprehensive. To have dinner while the cars honked around us and the beggars swarming expectantly was unacceptable. Also, fish isn’t my favorite dish.

We sat on the plastic chairs around the tables when a waiter approached us and started telling us about what they serve. There was no menu card to choose from as there were only a couple of dishes they served at Apna Karachi Fish (at Hassan’s Square). My father ordered fried Rahu with roti and green chutney for all of us. We could clearly observe how the food was being cooked and to my surprise they were taking great care of the hygiene, which in Karachi at small restaurant is uncommon. This sight made us ease back a little.

After ten minutes, the waiter placed our order in front of us and the aroma of freshly fried fish was enough to make us salivate. Being the sort of person who for some unknown reason dislikes the strong piquancy of fish in her mouth, I made sure to soak my fish a lot in the green chutney so that the vibrant flavors of the fish are diminished to an extent. The green chutney was clearly a winner. It had moderate amount of spices and water in it, and at times I found myself dipping my finger into the small bowl of green chutney and licking it. The roti type was very thin chapati, just the kind I would die for. Both of these made a perfect combination with the succulent fish.

Apart from the dish, the environment wasn’t disappointing as well. The night was windy enough to allow us to enjoy our meal and the sound of traffic made it more vivacious. The only down factor was that there wasn’t enough lightening which prevented us from having a good look at our meal and made it a bit difficult to separate the fish bones from the flesh.

By the way, there weren’t any beggars as well. The waiters made sure that the beggars stayed away from pestering us, to which I was extremely grateful.

In short all my fears and apprehensions were useless as eating out under the sky proved to be utterly refreshing. Karachi might have been modernized a lot by the emergence of the new restaurants but there are still few glimpses which give away the simplicity of the old times that many people still savor.

This post is specially written for FoodPanda.pk.


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