Of Departure.

Lift karao is bechaari post ko.

Kora Kaghaz

On the day when you were leaving the city, you gave me your t-shirt, still damp with your sweat, grinning; ‘This way you’ll get to keep a strong scent of mine for a long time, but I will be already be with you in a week.’ You assured.
On the day when you left, you made me lemonade and stored it in a mineral water bottle, drinking a little in a way that your lips sealed on the opening of the bottle for a good five seconds. ‘You’ll taste me when you drink it.’
On the day you left, you made me close my eyes with my right palm, swollen from twenty-nine weeks of pregnancy, spread out in yours, saying you had bought another stuff animal for our expected baby son.
You lied.
It was another of those clinquant necklaces which you had gifted me during…

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One thought on “Of Departure.

  1. Sohnal

    Hey I remember this piece of writing. It was written on a piece of paper in your beautiful writing when I first saw it.
    So let me lift-kara it :3 this is equally beautiful and touching as other posts of yours. Love you work mate 🙂

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