Blooming Heart

Men aren’t the only ones who are taught patriarchy from a very young age. Women are taught to accept patriarchy from the moment of their birth. They are taught to accept that men are ultimately the superior of them. They are taught to accept that men can never be wrong, that even if they make a mistake, women are suppose to forgive. That’s why we have such big, blooming hearts. Our hearts need to accommodate so many mistakes, so much forgiveness and so much unconditional love.

We are to accept that it’s a man’s nature to succumb to lust. It’s a man’s nature to cheat, flirt, to watch porn and marry several times. You can’t blame him. God made him this way. Yet you have to worship him. He is a human. He makes mistakes.
But God forbid if a woman made a mistake. Committed a crime. Because we aren’t humans. We aren’t meant to make mistakes. We aren’t forgiven when we commit ourselves to lust and cheating. We are to be destroyed.

I don’t understand your ideology. I don’t I understand why the world believes that just because I have breasts and a vagina, I’m not a human. Why is it having a penis as an identification of a human being?

My heart is small. My heart is cold. My heart stopped blooming a long time ago. I won’t forgive a man. I won’t care if he is my father, brother or my lover. I won’t forget his crimes. I won’t live with him.

I keep my heart firmly in my fist. I stop it from blooming. I don’t want to be viewed as a receptacle. I’m a human being. My heart is only alive for a woman. My heart is only alive for the most humane of the human beings.


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