In Glorifying, We Destroy

The elite feminism is trash.

Why is it that once a woman is the head of a cooperation that the upper class sector starts chanting that woman has been liberated; feminism has been established. It hurts to see that in Pakistan, the only progressive women are those who come from an upper class background, who never had to face the problems a middle and a lower class Pakistani woman has faced. It enrages me that we don’t acknowledge the real progressive women of Pakistan; we don’t acknowledge our maids, our cooks, our government school teachers, our receptionists, our tailors, our waitresses, our nurses and every other woman who tries ceaselessly to make ends meet by doing every other odd job for the sake of her house, for the sake of herself. Why do we tend to glorify the ones who always had it all? Who never even had to work hard enough to get the position she has now.

By glorifying the always affluent women in our society, we pass the message to the working class women that they can never make it as big or that if they don’t conquer feats, it is their own shortcoming. And this is what we call feminism in the elite circles of our society. This destroys everything in a working class woman and bounds her in more chains than ever. You can not understand the working class struggle unless you’ve lived through it. Then how can you claim that you are speaking for them while glorifying the uber rich progressive feminists in Pakistan?

The elite feminism is trash. The elite feminist ideology destroys.


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