26 Letters (#1) To A Constant

This is a challenge I was inspired to go forth with by The-Emo-Wolverine. Through it I shall battle the very persistent writer’s block of mine by scribbling down an open letter every week to a person of my choice, who could be a friend, a foe, a public fictional or historical figure and on the list goes. I won’t write down their names and sometimes I may refer to them by their characteristics. You can guess who they are, if you want. 


Dear H,

Haven’t these seven years been an exhilarating ride? You can assume that I’d have so much to prattle about but I’m unable to connect my thoughts and pour them down as words. I’ve far too many times mentioned incidences that have strengthened our bond so in this letter I only want to appreciate you for bearing an erratic personality even when there was a distance of miles and years in between.

An average person would scale up the strength of friendship through the number of interactions and the drama which comes with them. If we scale up our bond against it, we’d probably be labelled as extremely distant acquaintances. I think this is what makes us all the more special for each other because we never felt the need of having a medium in between. There is an ideal gas theory which pops up into my mind every once in a while when I think about you. It goes on explaining that the non-ideal gases get compressed more than expected, due to the intermolecular attractions predominating. However, at extremely high pressure and close range, the inter-electronic repulsions predominate. To me, this explains why exceedingly close relationships break up so suddenly. A person needs to have his own radius of personalspace as well. Therefore, our appreciation of respecting each other’s spaciousness is almost necessary because we are after all individuals at the end.

For now after five years of minimal face to face interaction has allowed us to seamlessly slide into the lifestyle of an old amiable couple; where words aren’t necessary, where silence doesn’t always means absence and where the physical interaction doesn’t quantifies our relationship.

Sometimes I think about how the course of life would be if we hadn’t crossed paths. How we would have evolved mentally without each other, without the knowledge of always having a person behind your back. We come across so many people each and everyday. We make so many close friends in our lives but has there been anyone who has not even for once doubted our intentions or our very own core in any point of our life? Heck! We doubt ourselves too very often. But God can be the witness of my heart and feelings for you, for I’d never doubt a word you’d say. I can blindly claim (with pride) that you’ve done the same for me. I have so many instances to support it. You were there even when I was in the deepest pits of depression, you were there with your silent support and undying faith. I shall be forever indebted to you.

At the end I’d just like to say that my heart is bursting with joy these days. The thought of living in the same city brings

infinite khushiyan and I soar higher in the sky with our prospective meetup in a few days.

God bless our bond and may you live the happiest life ever. Aameen.

Yours faithfully,


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