To Whom It May Concern

This is a challenge I was inspired to go forth with by The-Emo-Wolverine. Through it I shall battle the very persistent writer’s block of mine by scribbling down an open letter every week to a person of my choice, who could be a friend, a foe, a public fictional or historical figure and on the list goes. I won’t write down their names and sometimes I may refer to them by their characteristics. You can guess who they are, if you want. 

I’m removing people out of my life, all over again. It’s like, suddenly I’m able to see behind the whole façade and the reality is super toxic. I can’t believe that even after having this innate quality of staying away from capitalists, I was sucked into their crowd. It’s vile, repulsive and disgusting, altogether.

The days are painfully slow and repressive. There is a new setback almost every week or my own incapability of  not taking situations seriously.

I had meant to make these letters deep with a tinge of nostalgia, but this one is abrupt and blunt; just for the sake of posting something, anything, over here.

Freedom waghaira.
Freedom waghaira.

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