Karachi Eat 2k15

After reading mixed reviews regarding Karachi Eat and being a perpetual food lover, I decided to attend the festival held in the gardens of the much adored Frere Hall.

Frere Hall
Frere Hall

I was already warned of the massive traffic jam and parking problems that occurred on Day 1 and Day 2, so my main agenda was to get to the venue as early as possible. I reached with my family at around 12.15pm and went through the parking ordeal. There wasn’t a huge crowd at that time but even then the valets looked as if things were slipping off their hands.

We entered the festival around 12.30 pm and surprise, surprise; most of the stalls were still closed! Considering the commencing time to be 11 am, this irresponsibility was abominable. This was day 3, for God’s sake, I thought these mishaps happen only on Day 1 and people start learning from their short-comings. No sort of remorse was expected from the owners. I stayed till 2 pm, however, the Liquid Nitrogen stall remain closed while Vintage opened up shortly before I left.

Now let’s talk about the food.

I bought a slice of Malt Cake from The Pie In The Sky and chai from The Chai Wallah, both were like heaven in my mouth. Sadly, I have no pictures as I was too busy enjoying them. Loved the service too.

Then I proceeded to Fika of whom I had hear a lot on Instagram and I really wanted to try their famous Chipotle Chicken but sadly it wasn’t ready even when I returned to them after 30 minutes. Thus, I bought Santa Fe Penne Pasta which cost me 200rs and that’s when I fell in love. The sauce was of perfect consistency and the grilled chicken tasted as ravishing as it looked! Definitely going to visit their place soon. I honestly can’t stop thinking about their food!

The Chappli Kebabs were a must since we all had read rave reviews about it and it lived up to our expectation. The naan was just the way I like them while chappli kebabs were succulent at their best.

And obviously, I had Pakola. They had re-introduced their iconic glass bottles bringing nostalgia of the 90’s when I used to drink it every day for 10rs from my pocket money.


We also ate nachos from The Chatterbox (which were SO good!) and shwarma from a stall I can’t recall which seemed too dry for me but my sister said it was perfect for her.

Would love to live on them!
Would love to live on them!

The main disappointment was The Karachi Fudge Company. Having read glorious reviews about their service and dessert, I was eager to try it. I bought the Fudge Cup for 250rs and it didn’t live up to the price. I’d rather have spent that money on Fika or the likes of it because I was getting a whole meal from other stalls in that amount, and that too so very toothsome.

Disappointment in a cup!

So that was it. Despite the event’s setbacks (which were major) the food was good and at a fair price. I live in F.B Area so for me going around Defence/Clifton is quite hard and infrequent so I was glad to find some of the cafes that area is famous for, to be in one place.

However, we can’t just disregard the downfalls of the event since this was the second time it was held, and the organizers should’ve been responsible regarding the parking problems as such events and that too in winter season are bound to lure large crowds and being stuck in the traffic jam over there just kills all the fun. The stall owners should’ve been more upbeat regarding their punctuality and the supply of food which soon ran out.

I’m definitely looking forward to Karachi Eat 2016 and hoping the event to be perfect and indulging for the foodies in the city!


3 thoughts on “Karachi Eat 2k15

  1. The Karachi Fudge Company

    Dear Kashaf, We’re sorry you felt cheated by our Fudge Cup. It would be a welcome opportunity for us to rectify the disappointment you felt. Please leave your details on our facebook page and we will make sure that in hindsight your Rs. 250 was well spent .

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