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On September 12, a few of us bloggers were invited to #First1000Days, an event conducted by Nestle Pakistan.

I am 19, and like rest of the nonsensical teenagers, I do not take my mother’s advice on healthy eating. It’s the same,

‘sehat ka khayal nahe rakho gi tou aagay jaakey complications hoti hein’ etc etc, because I can horde up junk food or regular food at one time and then remain hungry for rest of the day. Milk makes absolutely no sense, so basically, I’m allergic to any sensible advice regarding food.

Then came in an invite from The Digital Factory, briefing me about #First1000Days and I am really glad that I decided to attend it. It was a discussion regarding the importance of the life of a child, from the moment of its conception to 2 years of age and how small things, even before conception, can alter the course of a newborn’s life.

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Doctor Huma Faheem, Medical Advisor in Nestle Nutrition, armed with facts and figures, did what my mother hasn’t been able to do in these past few years: made me feel guilty about my diet. In short, if you aren’t serious about your health, and are severely underweight or deficient in Iron, and planning to have a baby at some point of your life, you’ll be doing harm to yourself and another human being.

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The event at the whole severely made me appreciate the hard work which mothers do for us even before we come into this world. Also, the horrendous though not surprising figures such as 80% children in Pakistan suffering from chronic malnutrition, serve as a wake up call to action towards not only upon ourselves but towards all the expecting mothers throughout the country.

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All the while I was honestly expecting Nestle Pakistan to introduce some product or endorse their brand in some way or the other but that didn’t came. Instead, Shah Mujeeb-ud-Din, Nestlé Pakistan’s Compliance Manager, insisted upon breast milk the ultimate source of nutrient during the first 6 months of the baby’s life. The benefits are immense, ranging from passing on the initial passive immunity (antibody IgA) which battles with the pathogens until the baby’s immune system itself starts producing the antibodies, to the ability of digesting breast milk more easily instead of the typical infant formula, and hard to ignore. (SORRY FOR THE ULTRA LONG SENTENCE ;_;)

The conference ended with the bloggers and key opinion influencers making the following pledge:

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Then of course, the much awaited hi-tea was served (yayyy) and gift bags were given (major yayyy). I got to meet a diverse range of bloggers and Twitterati, and of course endless pictures were taken. Major thanks to the The Digital Factory for organizing the event and inviting bloggers and KOIs who promised to carry out the valuable information further, especially through various online mediums like Twitter and their own blogs.

کشف عاصم   kashafasim    Twitterkk

The TDF and Nestle Pakistan team!

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