I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately because I couldn’t make it to Dow on merit, despite having a pretty good test score. I was prepared for self-finance but now I’m opting for JSMU merit because it’s better to save up money for post graduate and both the institutes are pretty much the same.

Hence obviously, I haven’t been eating right. Skipping dinners for a week, because i feel so tired till then and sleep instead. I am craving breakfast at the moment but I feel so lazy!

So I am going through blogs and Tumblr at the moment and fretting because my cellphone had a relapse so now I am seriously considering a new phone. It is crazy because G3 has been with me for only 3 months and quite unfair. I love the specs and the display is to die for. I want to wait for a G5 or something but a small part of me is saying that it’s better to move on. LOL. Let’s see what happens.


My room looks so comfortable at the moment. Before we shifted, I had already decided to have minimal furniture in it. It’s been going great but I will have to add a sofa considering how my friends and I have to lounge in my sister’s room because she has a double bed. Haha.


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