What I Read This Week (ii)

Jewish youth at a dance event in Amsterdam, 1957-58.

“The one we mourn is not simply an object that we desired. What went missing when our loss occured is our desiring itself, our ways of desiring life together. This means having to let go of what we with them.”

This week I discovered Nadine Shah through an awesome Tumblr collection of Female South Asian Musicians Who Aren’t M.I.A. I am besotted by her single, Stealing Cars.

And while we are on Youtube, it’d be great if y’all give a look at this TedxTalk on pornography by my favorite woman; Gail Dines. Clara Bennathan’s views on the similar subject further reinforce the fact that porn is a violence against women.

Saudi terrorism continues as it bombs another Doctor’s Without Borders’ Hospital in Yemen but we won’t ever get to hear about it because Pak-Saudi bffls perks.

Ayesha Siddiqi basically nails everything in her article, Does America Deserve Malala, an excerpt follows;

The chief convenience of a far-away tragedy is that the commiseration, a voluntary engagement, can feel like charity. Leaving a public stirred, but undisturbed, charity offers a release valve that depletes the radical potential of outrage. Neoliberal responses to tragedy preclude justice in favor of non-state icons of “goodness.” And once branded to endorse values without controversy or actionable commitment (like network-wide social-media avatars), these figures can be deployed to safely verbalize an alliance with what is good, while presenting no disturbance to the conditions preventing that good, or their own biases.

which in my opinion strikes so close to Ali Riza’s profound analysis on Pasolini’s film (that I haven’t watched) Salo. This also reminds me of an extremely horrendous piece I read earlier last week which proves that Pak-USA coalition is a curse on Earth.

The Fearless Collective visited Karachi last Saturday and joined hands with Girls at Dhabas and other beautiful women to paint a mural on the walls of Lyari.

Menstruation in Space left me enraged and amused, further confirming that men are insecure dicks; all hail patriarchy and misogyny!

Which leads to Sara Ahmed’s utterly beautiful post that I hold close to my heart, Feminist Consciousness, an excerpt follows;

Finding feminism can be empowering as it is a way of reinhabiting the past. It is personal. There is no question: it is personal. The personal is structural. I learnt that you can be hit by a structure; you can be bruised by a structure. An individual man who violates you is given permission: that is structure. His violence is justified as natural and inevitable: that is structure. A girl is made responsible for his violence: that is structure. A policeman who turns away because it is a domestic: that is structure. A judge who talks about what she was wearing: that is structure. A structure is an arrangement, an order, a building; an assembly.

The post is turning to be longer than I intended but I made an extra effort this week so bear with me.

The world was delightedly surprised when Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan decided to to donate their 99% of Facebook stock but does that really make a difference? I certainly don’t think so and this article by John Cassidy reaffirmed my doubts.

I learnt a new word. Philanthrocapitalism. Such a mouthful but extremely clever!

Another interesting piece which I read was the decreasing life span of the white working class (surprised me a great deal).

Oh and I almost forgot, CDA are absolute fucking assholes and here’s why.

To all those who went through this post, here are Emily Carroll’s dope illustrations which will keep you awake at night.

So I guess this is it for today. I hope y’all appreciate it and either way comment below to let your presence known!

Above picture has been taken from Leonard Freed’s photo series Jews of Amsterdam.

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