What I Read This Week…

…Or in these two weeks

Time is an invention of people incapable of love.

“Men don’t age better than women, they’re just allowed to age.”
-Carrie Fisher

So yeah. I fell terribly behind in posting my weekly readings because medschool started *inserts wails* and there was a wedding at my place. Life has been hectic and I am still recovering from all the desi madness.

I’ve been reading about the war crimes, the genocide conducted by Pakistan Army and the unapologetic stance which Pakistani State holds to till this day. We grow up studying the rebellion as a pretentious act (all hail Pakistan Studies) and end up believing that Bangladeshis deserved it. The Pakistani soldiers are still hailed for their sickening acts which truly tells a lot about us. More on it over here [x] and here [x].

Also pondering over women and relationships; our injustice to ourselves and how little the world regards us. It wounds and exhausts but when the children come to appreciate their working mothers or anything similar to it; hope rises again.

ZaidAliT needs to stop existing. Bas. I read something similar to this a long time back, so no surprises but still tiring. Why the heck do people jerk off to his videos (which he copies off other people) is beyond me.

This post teaches us all on how to not bean asshole in relationships.

And one of my favorite pages, The Fearless Collective, has completed three years of awesomeness with this utterly beautiful post on Khwaja Siras.

Ending the post with a heart-wrenching song by a Hazara Shia boy who has rewritten the verses of the famous patriotic song, Aao Sair Karaien Tumko Pakistan Ki.

Aao bacho sair karaein tum ko Pakistan ki,
jis main qeemat koi nahi hai teri meri jaan ki
Qaumon ki boli lagti hai aiwanon main
aur yahan hoti hai bekhauf tijarat mazhab aur imaan ki

Come children, I will take you on a tour of Pakistan,
where the lives of you and I are worthless
Where nations are auctioned for in government buildings, and where faith and religion are fearlessly bargained

Above picture is taken from [x].


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