#KarachiEat 2k16: A Big Miss

#KarachiEat was back in town last weekend with lots of food madness and music. Karachiites came pouring in large numbers and feasted for three days straight with a freshly painted (green? seriously guys?) roof of Frere Hall looming upon them.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, #KarachiEat is basically an event where Karachiites get a chance to spoil their gluttony with fancy food that is priced quite low unlike in normal circumstances. You’d probably be thinking that ‘wow! such a considerate event for people who can’t afford expensive food in usual days,’ but no, that’s certainly not the case.

With an entrance ticket costing 250 Rs per head, it actually becomes quite heavy on the pocket of people with large families. My family consisting of four people entered the venue with 1000 Rs less in Abu’s wallet. (There has been a 50 Rs increase since last year.) I wouldn’t have been bothered that much by the increase if they’d been providing the consumers with an adequate sitting area and shade. Instead, i found a lot of people eating while standing or lounging on the ground with minimal grass.

The event host claims in her Facebook post (read: rant) that part of the money goes to charity which is kind of hard to believe considering that I saw no mention of it before the event. In other words, the high ticket cost was basically to keep the middle class (read: maila crowd) out of the way while the elite feast and enjoy. Wahee Centaurus Mall wala scene hogaya. Therefore; easy on the pocket food didn’t make any sense sine the elite could afford it if there wasn’t any discount.

I also do not understand that of what part of constructive criticism does the event host not get. People criticized last year too regarding the uber small venue for such a huge and popular event and the lack of car parking areas. While Careem services was appreciated (pick and drop for 200 Rs), I observed many visitors walking at least a mile to enter the venue. Valet parking ki tou khair baat he nahe karni. That was screwed up like before.

My conclusion on the host and CKO’s lack of appreciation towards criticism by public is that Frere Hall is an aesthetically pleasing place and provides a link to Pakistani heritage in some way. Which is funny considering how most of the awaam over there didn’t even know the name or history of the place. Grounds of PAF museum would’ve made an ideal choice.

Okay so now let’s talk about food.

I missed Fika terribly. Really wish they hadn’t screwed themselves up so bad last month. The Riding Hood Bakery should’ve been there; their new line of pizzas would’ve been hugely popular.

While Abbu stood in line for The Chapli Kebab House, we went over to New York Coffee and chose Nutella Crepe. THAT was a disaster since I had went with high expectations considering how their Mexican Crepe (which I had just last week) had got me weak in the knees. Chatterbox Cafe’s Nutella Crepe looked so succulent but I had had my fair share of meetha till then.

Chapli Kebeb House’s kebabs were on point just like last year. Also tried Big Thick Burgers’ California Beef Burger which was full of flavors and an extremely juicy beef patty. BTB even had a ‘charity thing’ going on in which for every 10 burgers sold, 1 burger would be given for free to the child beggars. It was just a publicity stunt in my opinion because on Saturday they approximately sold 370 burgers and gave away 37 burgers which is an extremely frugal charity. Khair, to each its own.

My family tried Shan’s Biryani and Haleem (costing 50 Rs each). My sister starts salivating whenever she thinks about the Haleem. I bought The White Biryani for myself because I had read a lot of appreciative reviews on SWOT’s guide about it. It suck for me big time. The aroma, sorry, smell was so overpowering. It made me feel nauseated to be quite frank.

We got Pie in The Sky’s generous slice of Malt cake and a strawberry tart parceled since we honestly were getting a headache with no shade or a proper place to sit anywhere.

When we left the venue, Abbu dropped a nasty surprise on our heads. Our car was parked at least a mile away from the Frere Hall’s gardens. The 20-25 minute walk towards the car and the previous constant standing and roaming for 2 hours finally got me in the evening when I ended up with a slight fever.

Honestly speaking, we would’ve tried a lot more food if there was a proper seating arrangement and shade for the visitors. It wasn’t exactly a relaxing experience; in fact things got quite claustrophobic till 4 pm.

I may visit #KarachiEat 2k17 but certainly not looking forward to it; considering how constructive criticism is brushed aside by a rant from Ms. Unzilla as a pinned post on Karachi Eat 2016 (search it up on Facebook if you want to). You are making a huge ass revenue from the whole event; so how about appreciating suggestions and apologizing for the recurring shortcomings, hein?

Y’all can read my previous year’s review over here.











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