Life Lately; According to my G3


January 2k16 has been a hell of a ride; from starting medschool to falling ill and having family members fall ill thus, numerous visits to hospitals. Also my aunt’s wedding took place so yeah, shaadi madness screwed me so much. Not to mention the lack of internet courtesy PTCL.

Anyways, I decided to do a combined post on Dec 2k15 and Jan 2k16. Already wrote December’s part in the mid of Jan then forgot all about it, so without further ado:

December 2k15

I had to make my way through Qurtaba for traditional clothes shopping and it was horrible. I haven’t exactly visited that place since the past 3 years so i was hella confused on what to buy.


After my interview at JSMU (LOL) i finally realized how close medschool was and immediately bought some Irish Cheddar cheese for myself (to calm the nerves, yo). So yeah, bruchetta all the wayyyyy.

Okay so i finally cleaned up the bookshelves for medschool books but i found some medicine books dating back to 1980s. This was surprising considering that no one in my family has done medicine or anything remotely close to it. So yes, extreme vintage feels but quite scary too. Also i found one of the books being extremely biased towards woman’s anatomy considering how the only test for virginity mentioned was the unbroken hymen. YEAH.

Iconosquare – Instagram webviewer67

I did started to read novels finally; was facing a readers block for quite sometime. Kate Morton’s The Distant Hours blew me away. It wasn’t exactly a thriller but struck so similar to The Thirteenth Tale. I’m into stories the revolve around 40s and 90s. Right now I’m craving Ken Follett’s A Dangerous Fortune at the moment; can’t find it anywhere on internet.


I finally had a meetup with my girls, Louie was back from LUMS (yayyy) and the rest had their winter break. We got high on gossip, paani puri, Chinese and nutella cheese-cake!

I need to learn to pop gol gappas in my mouth with grace. That’s the only good picture of me while eating paani puri D’:

Look, Ma! I haz friends!
If you know my sob story of trying to socialize in uni; you’d realize how huge this deal is. I hate making new friends so always going to be grateful for the bunch I already have. Even though they all are demons in their own way.

And the wedding happened, finally! We were so exhausted till then that I couldn’t even enjoy the food.

The valima look! I honestly feel more confident behind the lens; being in front just sets out a whole new awkward currents in my body. #SedLyf #PhotoshopPlsHelp

Also attended #KarachiEat 2k16 which was good in terms of food but extremely bad in management. My last post on the blog has been a rant about it; so not saying much.


Medschool is so, so tiring but gratifying at the same time too. I am five weeks into it and already behind. Sometimes my head gets clogged up with so many new terminologies that it feels hard to go on. My university and seniors are quite cool so that helps. I’ll do a post solely on this soon, hopefully.

I am now logging off because Embryology is calling me and there’s Pharma to cover too before I hit the bed. Argh!

How has been January for y’all? Do share in the comment box!


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