What I Read This Month


i want more ‘men’ with flowers falling from their skin. more water in their eyes. more tremble in their bodies. more women in their hearts than on their hands. more softness in their height. more honesty in their voice. more wonder. more humility in their feet.

nayyirah waheed, salt.


…yeah, these posts shall be monthly now, hopefully because medschool has gotten all my attentions.

Grade school teacher sparks conversation with students through‪#‎IWishMyTeacherKnew‬ notes. [x]

‘The Woman as silent both shaped and was shaped by Islamic legal discourse. Imposed silence meant that few women jurists had any impact on the development of the law: the female voice is largely missing from legal discourse. A cursory glance at any standard bibliography of legal works will confirm the fact of the absence of women writers. In the biographical dictionaries that recorded the lives of prominent Muslim intellectuals over the centuries, women appear, in diminishing numbers as the centuries go by, primarily as transmitters and scholars of hadith, not as interpreters of the law.’ 

More on it in Women, Family, and Gender in Islamic Law by Judith Tucker

2016 Election Guide for Muslim Americans [x] (really, really important. loved the comparison.)

Report says 11 percent of Syrians killed, injured in war by Michael Pizzi [x]

Pheminist Physicists feature Nergis Mavalvala in there Fem Phys Fridays. [x] (A+ on alliteration)

Turkey’s War on Kurdistan is horrific and heart wrenching. Prayers for them. [x]

UN urges Turkey to open its border to refugees as Ankara claims thousands let in already By Louisa Loveluck,Hiba Dlewati & Matthew Holehouse. [x]

Reading list regarding effects of oppression and discrimination on psyche. [x]

Halima from Nairobi, Kenya is awesome and here’s why. Also, help a girl out!

Shia genocide continues in Pakistan. So fucking depressing. [x]

More than 10,000 refugee children missing in Europe [x]

 14 Years After 9/11, the War on Terror Is Accomplishing Everything bin Laden Hoped It Would by Tom Engelhardt. [x] (terrifying but accurate)

Why Pakistan must never forget Bacha Khan, its great unsung hero by Kamila Shamsie. [x]

Women Aren’t Weak. Weakness is Marketed to Women.

I Want a Twenty-Four-Hour Truce During Which There Is No Rape by Andrea Dworkin [x] (this is one of my favourite pieces on internet)

“If someone is disrespectful to women on my set, I just fire them” – Mehreen Jabbar (dil le liya bhei.) [x]

Her Father Shot Her in the Head, as an ‘Honor Killing‘by Nicholas Kristoff on Sharmeen Chinnoy’s recent documentary A Girl in The River. She’s bent on making our society feel uncomfortable (and succeeding) about the skeletons in the closet. More power to you, man. [x]

Romantic Comedies Teach Women That Stalking Is A Compliment by Chloe Angyal. As a victim to this for two years, i can assure you that this is so fucking annoying and tiring. This society is screwed up in unimaginable ways. [x]

Between the lines: The Thaapa Force by Ahmed Yusuf. Basically, don’t  fuck with Pakistani women. [x]

Rosa Luxemburg Explains Capitalism Using Spoons by Kate Evans who is an ultimate bae. [x]

How We Failed to Protect Kesha by Madeleine Davis [x]

I found out Ke$ha when I was 14, a teenager in the throes rebellion against all sorts of authority. Playing Tick Tock on the high volume possible and dancing to Your Love is My Drug always used to take me into a whole different world. She had me awestruck; my ultimate inspiration. 6 years later, seeing her reduced to this -being forced to work along with her rapist- is terrifying and kills the young teenager inside me. I don’t know what will happen in future; when a white, rich woman like her is denied justice, there’s very little to hope for. My prayers are with her. 

11 Reasons to NOT get married by Susan Cox. [x]

In my part of the world, demanding to read the marriage contract is considered the worst thing a woman can do. It means she’s headstrong and will be trouble to her new family. Women are literally stripped off their rights when they tie the knot; be it your maid or a 20 year old from one of the most affluent families. This patriarchal world is disgusting and it is so refreshing to have an open discourse regarding the horrors of marriage, especially for women. 

The Tweets You Won’t Read – A spat between J. K. Rowling and Natalie McGarry. Basically, J. K. Rowling is defending ‘abusive misogynist trolls.’ Honestly thought, Rowling needs to do some explaining. [x]

Suprateek Chatterjee’s brilliant commentary on the recent ridiculously embarrassing sex films, Mastizaade and Kyaa Kool Hein Hum. What were these guys even thinking?! [x]

Here’s a sweet story, The Bomb and The General. I would love to read it aloud to children and adults. 🙂 [x]

Above picture: Unosuke Gamou, Enfants dans la neige, 1959.

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