Medschool ft My Perpetual Frown

I had been thinking about doing a medschool related post for quite sometime but I didn’t felt up to it for a couple of reasons:

a) It hadn’t been that long enough for me to have a basic opinion about it
b) Nobody I know blogs about their experiences which makes me reticent to do so

The main reason why I am blogging about it now is that I want to remember what it feels to be a freshie. Haha. But it’s kind of ironic considering how I don’t behave like a freshman at all. According to the stereotypes, I should be intrigued and super hyper about looking at cadavers, mold ridden organs and tumors, checking out blood pressure, joining all the societies and most of all, making new friends.

Instead, I am quite reserved. I skip labs (initially) and bunk school almost every week. I didn’t even attend the Welcome Party. Naturally, I don’t know many people from my batch (i know a lot of seniors), and already some think that I am too moody and full of attitude.

In my opinion, I have five whole years to get to know my batch mates. I see no point in becoming close friends with everybody immediately -because this is what we do to make this new environment comfortable for us- since it may end up in fights or gossips. I am being quite cynical over here however, this is what mostly happens. I guess my reticence to speak out in crowds makes people presume that i am pretentious? (At least this is what my now really good friends felt initially, haha)

Apart from the whole socializing dilemma, everything is pretty cool with JSMU. I always thought that government universities would be disorganized but JSMU is far from that. The teachers are quite good, we have seniors backing us up for almost everything, the labs are high tech, etc, etc. I am even part of one of the most prestigious societies, Patients Helping Hands!

We just got done with our Foundation Module. The exam pattern changed because JSMU believes -and rightly so- that BCQ’s don’t challenge the ability of a student’s understanding, so we have Short Essay Questions too, now. Also, examiners now concentrated on all aspects of medical studies instead of the usual Gross Anatomy, Histo and Embryo. I personally love the new changes. This doesn’t means that I aced my papers! I am pretty sure that I’ll not clear the Vivas and SEQ’s. Even though this test does not have much weight-age, I feel super bad. Since the start of the module, I worked quite hard on my notes (i am a visual learner) and kept up with all the classes regardless of bunking school. But in the last two weeks, I just wasted my time and didn’t review much. Hence, the horrible papers.

So this is how the past two months have been. I went into medicine for the sake of ingenuity and constant revelations, and it’s safe to say that I am enjoying myself, despite the perpetual frown on my face (and the severe lack of hot boys). LOL.

If there are any medstudents or freshmen following me, I’d love to know your thoughts!


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