What I Read This Month

You attract what you’re ready for -dauvoire

Damn, Kashaf. Back at it again with a late post.

Sorry guys, medschool is stressing me out and i am not doing anything productive about it. Apart from that, I am taking a course on Marriage and Islam from Seeker’s Hub, so I tend to avoid any reading material as that itself is quite time consuming. But I am literally failing in handling my priorities. Being a grownup is so not on.

Khair, matti pao.

Let’s get started.


Hitchhiker’s guide to Panama Papers which every journalist is raving about and has caused the Iceland’s PM to resign (can i move to Iceland please?). Y’all can also check this short video  by Aj+ on why they matter.

While our politicians like Nawaz Sharif and the late Benzair Bhutto have billions stashed in offshore countries, our coolies at Cantt Station Karachi have been beaten, hospitalized and jailed for protesting against unfair wage theft. 

People of FATA protest against Frontier Crime Regulations (FCR) for denying the basic rights of appeal, to get an attorney and to provide an evidence. The land of pure loves to strip the north-west region from its rights. More about it over here.

2nd April is the Autism day but we as a nation and med-students remain blissfully ignorant about what Autism actually is and how to even respond to it. Here’s some more on our collective ignorance.

The Blasphemy Law Reading List by my good friend Saira Mahmood who has created a masterpost for all the dickheads who are pro-Qadri and want to wipe away all the minorities from our beloved Pakistan.

Ah, Persecution of Ahmedi Muslims in Pakistan (a masterpost by Zanab). Damn you, Kashaf for defaming Pakistan and threatening its integrity!

QueerMuslimProject is one of my favourite blogs on Tumblr; check out this heart-warming post! A+ on a discourse which we as Muslims so desperately need.

Your monthly reminder that Porn is one of the biggest and most harmful industries in the world, closely affiliated with human trafficking and drugs and alcohol abuse, causing rape between children, violence, beastiality and pedophilism and its fetishizing race, underage girls, trans people and lesbianism. Thought you should know. [x] (tw: sexual abuse)

The Fastfood Feminism of the Topless Femen by Mona Chollet.

Heer-Ranjha; the Story of Punjab’s First Feminist [x]

Surfing Beach Vendors in Bangladesh (these girls are such an inspiration, so much prayers and love for them) [x]

Rape Culture and Pocket Feminism brilliantly acknowledged by 18 year old Blythe Baird. More power to you, gurrlll.

How politeness conditioning can lead to confusion about sexual assault by Zosia Bielski. [x] V v important!

Pakistani women and harassment in public transports go hand-in-hand. A video to which anyone can relate to. [x] (Loving Sadia Khatri for this.)

Men Loiter, Women Cloister by Chaya Babu. So aptly put. So much love for y’all. [x]

Mental Illness & The Male Gaze. That unwavering, damnable male gaze. [x]

Gender imbalance in law by Reema Omar [x]

A DIY guide to removing images posted without your consent. Undox.Me.

Silvia Federici showing us the reality mirror very cruelly through her Wages Against Housework and male entitlement ft. capitalism. [For the record, I’ve only read the excerpt and will follow up with the whole essay after my finals.]

“It is a peculiarity of capitalists and the bourgeoisie to think that we workers have no culture.” [x]

(Which reminds me of J.K Rowling’s struggles before Harry Potter came into our lives; how people use her as inspiration and motivation while the fact remains forgotten that in this increasingly capitalistic culture, art is rarely appreciated or acknowledged. She will remain the only 1% who made it while authors like Enrique Ferrari continue to make ends meet through continuous labor.)

Another example of the side effects of lovely capitalism in America. Degrees don’t matter. Elite entitlement and etc. [x]

12 Ways Your Tax Dollars Were Squandered in Afghanistan [x]

Zaha Hadid, one of most talented architects, passed away last week at the age of 65. Going through her work, I was indeed in awe but couldn’t stop from thinking of the laborers and the rest of the working class involved in generating those famous buildings out of nothing. This post eloquently talks about my apprehensions regarding Zaha and her work.

On Sentimentality: A Critique of Humans of New York (extremely verbose but so, so good.) [x]

Harsingar (hashtage: Indian Erotica) by Amitava Kumar. (This reminded me of Manto.)

Above picture is from here [x].

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