Downton Abbey ft My Heart

I’m on a week’s break these days as my finals are finally over. They were exhausting and the fact that we hardly got a chance to prepare for them- they were right after the modules- makes it worse. Needless to say, I’m a overwhelmed to the state where at one point I couldn’t bear to get involved into anything which was related to heavy text. That’s where Downton Abbey and painting came.

Today we’ll be talking about the former.

It is so funny but when I look back to who I was two weeks ago, an entirely different picture of me arises. Yes, it all sounds quite a bit dramatic but Downton Abbey has altered me so much. I’m afraid I’ll never get over it. And this is a huge statement coming from someone who scoffs at fandoms. I don’t consider it a fandom craze right now but DA has been all what I’ve been thinking about lately.


Here’s why Downton Abbey is worth watching:

  1. As y’all know, the period drama is set in pre and post-WWI time, I was dreading the amount of politics it may have involved. Because this was also the colonial era, with the British empire still having strong footing in Indian sub-continent. There are no remarks or whatsoever regarding the practices of British over that area regardless of the fact that the head of household is actually an Earl. It might seem silly but for someone whose predecessors’ lives have been shaped by the colonial rampage, it would’ve been extremely personal for me.
  2. All of the characters share the limelight. Be it Lady Mary or Anna or even Edith who for the most part of the drama is sidelined. It isn’t about only one person, rather it shows how the whole household deals with the war and the changed times it brings with it. I love how they all overcome their struggles, from Lord Grantham who starts an affair but speedily brings a stop to it or how Ms Pattmore helps Daisy deal with William and his marriage proposal.


  3. I am on season 6 at the moment but there are constant reminders of how the characters have changed since season 1. We can see Lady Mary more confident of herself, whereas in season 1 she couldn’t even say ‘no’ and stand her ground on it with Kamal Pamuk. Or Edith, who’s the spiteful middle child but evolves into a caring person who has faith in her abilities. As Sybill marked in season 2, helping in the war changed Edith and everybody else, unlike Mary who still finds it difficult to sympathize because she was never involved in the war efforts until Matthew got injured.


  4. The romance! Matthew and Mary were the best suited couple, where Matthew brought the best out of Mary. They really complimented each other which I don’t think is the case with Mary and Henry Talbot.
    I personally loved the uncertainty between the former couple during season 1 & 2. It was a change to see a couple take time to understand each other and come to terms that both of them won’t be happy with anyone else if one of them walked on the Earth. I hope I put that right. Lol.


  5. I do appreciate the deaths. From William to Lady Sybill to Matthew. While Matthew’s presence was missed, I could do without the former two. Don’t call me heartless! It all taught the process of moving on, and how Robert and Cora dealt with their grief and marriage in turmoils at that period would reduce anyone to tears.


  6. The Dowager Countess. Need i say any more? Maggie Smith appears to be in her element. From her tacky remarks to having an answer ready for everything, obviously makes her the life of the whole drama.


  7. Obviously the casual banter between Dowager and Lady Isobel is something i looked forward to. It wasn’t nasty like Mary and Edith’s and actually helped both of the old ladies to see when they were wrong and evaluate their own actions.


  8. Thomas! I loathed him initially but when he became a clean slate after being scammed, it wasn’t much fun. His one-liners are the best but his sneeky side takes the cake. I’d love to see more of him in the expected DA movie.


So that’s a wrap!

I’d love to know who was your favourite character/part from DA in the comments!


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