Waddup, Rainnn!

Hey, what’s up guys! [Dina Tokio’s voice]

My first semester’s result came out and I cleared all the papers, Alhumudlillah. Initially I couldn’t find my name in the list, so I started checking out the list which had roll numbers for the students who have to retake. I was quite calm because my expectations weren’t high but here I am, done with semester one! Good riddance.

It rained in Karachi earlier this week despite our utterly low hopes. All hail our love for cutting trees and planting ones which aren’t suitable for the environment. I certainly wasn’t going to give any Fs and showered my heart out despite the constant lightening.


Since I am without cellphone these days, I have to resort to my dslr for taking pictures. It is great, the high quality pictures and all but the fact that I can’t edit them directly and have to use almost three devices to even upload a single picture on Instagram becomes a nuisance.



Anyways, the showers happened in intervals which resulted in me eventually running out of rough clothes to wear. I wear extremely run down clothes at home, especially in summers, because they are so relaxing. So basically I would be running outside when the rain started, rushing back in when it stopped to take a shower and change again. I really expected Amee to lose it at this constant play but she was quite chill because rain in Karachi is next to a miracle. LOL.



So that’s it for now. I would hopefully be doing a post on my first semester in medschool but right now I hardly have any free time. I lagged in reading Quran initially so I have tons of chapters piled up. And I have to revise the entire upper limb of Locomotor module which is so tiring. There is only one more week of holidays left which sucks since everybody else is having months and months to chill around except us medstudents. 😦


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