Catching up With Life

Sorry for being MIA but life has been throwing things left and right at me. My finals have ended, this is hopefully a goodbye to first year of medschool, and i feel so relieved. I’m probably getting 3 or 4 weeks of vacations and i wish to make the most of them since this is the only time when i can actually relax and take things a bit slowly as from next year or so, my vacations will be spent in electives etc. So in order to be productive, i’ve made a list of things to do in the following weeks.


Note: I’m not giving SAT; just trying to improve my grammar through Barrons.

So far, i’ve been following the list religiously when it comes to the areas of painting:


I take out my paint supplies every evening and open up Pinterest’s DIY section for inspiration. Art is one of those areas where I don’t exactly excel but I’m practicing regardless.

Apart from that, these are my November TBR:



I really look forward to start on War & Peace but The Luminaries was already on my list since July so I’ll be reading that first. All of these books were bought from Readings and all of them have been recommended by TheSkepticalReader on Youtube whom i absolutely adore.

I also made a couple of candles!


Since August I’ve been really into scented candles but they are quite expensive in Pakistan so i decided to give a shot in making some of my own. Right now i’ve only made cinnamon & vinegar scented candles. My candles don’t give out that much of a scent when lightened up but they are calming nevertheless, especially during my finals when i was extremely anxiety ridden.

There have also been long standing meetups finally taking place. And loads of shopping being done too since i hadn’t left the house in ages and basically ran out of everything. It’s amazing how antisocial university makes one. The absence of constant stress is utterly refreshing. I finally get to concentrate on myself, plan out healthy meals, exercise, have a haircut, make playlists, practice other things which aren’t link to medicine in any possible way.


There are a lot of tv series on my must-watch list, such as Black Mirror. I binged watched Stranger Things last weekend, and proceeded to Desperate Housewives who’s season 1 i finished in a week. I’ll be re-watching my all-time favourite movies too. Every night I switch on the fairy lights in my room and either read some novel or watch something on the internet.

Needless to say, I’m loving these moments and while i can’t wait for school to start again, i also don’t want these vacations to end anytime soon.


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