What I Read In The Past Few Months

Outside a pub in Clerkenwell, England (Tweet by @DanielAlpert)

Pulling punches by Gibran Peshimam [x]

Four rights activists gone missing this week by DAWN [x]

سلو کا بلاگ | صفحے سے باہر ایک نظم by Salman Haider [x]

How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour by Qunicy Larson [x]

A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity [x] (I haven’t read this yet, but considering how important it is to be safe, i’m sharing it right now)

Tweet by @Archillect

What Pakistan’s Sexual Harassment Problem Really Looks Like by Taha Siddiqui [x]

Why we still need John Berger’s Ways of Seeing by Emma Hope Allwood [x]

Pakistan Has a Drinking Problem by Mohammed Hanif [x]

2007, not 2016, is the year the world turned upside down by John Naughton [x]

Tariq Road high-rise project draws severe public criticism at Sepa hearing by Faiza Ilyas [x]

Tweet by @ipunjaban

The Loneliness of the Spinster by Hannah McGregor [x]

Falling business confidence by Khurram Husain [x]

‘War on terror’ has cost Pakistan $118bn by DAWN [x]

Burma’s Million-Strong Rohingya Population Faces ‘Final Stages of Genocide,’ Says Report by Rishi Iyengar [x]

Securing your communications isn’t a solution to political problems, but will still help you stay safer. A resource: [x]

Resting, Amrita Sher-Gil, c. 1939, oil on canvas


Donald Trump is moving to the White House, and liberals put him there by Thomas Frank [x]

52 killed in suicide attack on Balochistan shrine by Saleem Shahid [x]

Karachi to lose oldest bookstore for lack of public interest by Arshad Yousafzai [x]

عوامی جگہوں، مثلاً ڈھابوں پر اطمینان کیسے محسوس کیا جا سکتا ہے؟ by Girls At Dhabas [x]

Is feminism ruining romance? by Viren Swami [x]

Tweets liked by کشف عاصم   kashafasim    Twitter.png

Fuck Politeness, Let’s Rage: I’m Done Asking Nicely For Women’s Rights by Trisha Shetty [x]

Princesses are Terrifying. So Is Ivanka Trump. by Saddy Doyle [x]

A heartfelt piece on Junaid Jamshed by Wajahat S. Khan [x]

Cardiac distress symptoms in women via Tumblr [x]

Childbirth an athletic event? Sports medicine used to diagnose injuries caused by deliveries by Laura Bailey [x]

The scent of green papaya (1993) dir. by Tra n Anh Hung

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