What I Read Last Month


جو مشال کے ساتھ ہوا تو آپ کیا کریں گے؟ [x]

Sahir Lodhi’s new film Raasta is a list of reasons to not hire Sahir Lodhi by Hasham Cheema [x]

The Saint and the Skyscraper by Mohammed Hanif [x]

Census: (Dis)Counting Others [x]

People who have killed another person, accidently or on purpose, what happened? [x]

What Abortion in America Looks Like Right Now by Alexa Tsoulis-Reay [x]

The untold story of Pakistan’s blasphemy law [x]

The fatwas that can change Pakistan’s blasphemy narrative [x]

Why blasphemy remains unpardonable in Pakistan [x]

Blasphemy and the death penalty: Misconceptions explained [x]

Kids Like Us By FARIHA RÓISÍN [x]

I Love Doing Things Alone And People Should Stop Worrying About It by Grace Bains [x]

The Face of Miscarriage by Soniah Kamal [x]

Here’s Exactly How Much Less Money You’ll Make Than A Man by Mehreen Kasana [x]

Dystopian dreams: how feminist science fiction predicted the future by Naomi Alderman [x]

The Letters of Mikael Muhammad (VIDEO) [x]

Meet the woke misogynist by Nona Willis [x]

How to be a good friend to someone with depression by Beth McColl [x]


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