What’s Inside My Bag?

I decided to do an about me post, something like ’20 Facts’ and so on but I had no idea where to begin from. Plus, that wouldn’t have allowed me to insert loads of pictures either. So here’s a stuff-inside-my-bag post instead, hopefully y’all would get a glimpse of my personality through it, or maybe not.

In my first year of medschool, i went around carrying a small backpack only because i was too lazy to go to an actual shop and buy something else. Also my university isn’t exactly high on cleanliness so a huge backpack wouldn’t have made sense since i didn’t want to put anything on the ground. I got the following bag from RTW Creations for $8.


Fast forward to second year, i realized that a good bag was indeed necessary to survive in university. I couldn’t exactly go around carrying 2-3 books in my arms. My previous bag also had no pockets, so i was forever rummaging around; searching for my car keys or the sanitizer or my wallet. I did some online window-shopping to get an idea regarding the prices and then decided to buy this bag (pictured below) from Khaadi. I went to the store the next day to check it out properly. It appeared to be of the perfect size and shape, plus since its from Khaadi, i knew the stitching would be spot-on. It cost me $22.


Anyway, now to the main part. What is exactly inside my bag?


A notebook. I got this from my university’s shop $3.5. It has 5-6 partitions in it, and i labeled each one as anatomy, physio, biochem, patho etc. Hence, this notebook will ideally last me my whole semester as i’ll basically write down only my lecture notes in it. Sometimes i do carry short books such as baby Guyton or my self-study notebooks if i’m planning to study apart from the classes in university.


A pouch. It is 2.5 years old and has a faulty zip now. I have all my colored pointers and pens in it except the eraser which i keep in a pocket of my bag.

The three most essential things in the bag are my car keys, wallet and a sanitary pad. You’d think that being in medschool, sanitary napkins would be easily available but they aren’t.


Apart from that i have some folds of tissue paper and a sanitiser. These aren’t that necessary because even if i forget them, anyone in the uni will lend those to me.

Also this may seem a bit comical but i stuff my dupatta in the bag too. I have got a couple reasons for doing that:

a) i am a clumsy person so naturally i can’t handle wearing the duppatta all day long without having half of it being dragged on the floor
b) i am 24/7 carrying the bag on my shoulder, wearing the duppatta on that seems too much.

Anyway, how did i manage to forget about my cellphone and hands-free??! Yes, i have my cellphone in the bag most of the times too since my primary mode of clothing is shalwar kameez and there are no pockets in it ;_;

So that’s all, folks. I hope you liked this post. Please suggest me what else to write about since there’s a scarcity of creativity in my brain. *slits wrists*


6 thoughts on “What’s Inside My Bag?

  1. ariba

    I once bought a very huge bag . A hicking bag actually 😅 just for keeping grays anatomy ,guyton and netters at the same time+stationary +extra pair of shoes + b.p apparatus +rain coat.Man it was so large that it actually started from the cervical region and ended at my sacral region . In the end I had to replace it because…. it was making me look like a ninja turtle…

    1. kashaf asim

      i’m sorry but this has been the funniest thing i’ve read today! why did you carry so much stuff? (my bag starts from the sacral region because its sling is so long! that’s the only downside of it & makes me look extra short lmao)

  2. Kanra Khan

    I bought a random bag that I made a post on for first year, then switched back to a messenger bag. Then I bought a knapsack bag in second year, but I had to stitch it up a lot, so I went back to the messenger bag and ordered my current bag from Amazon xD I think it was for $20? It’s sooooo good, I love it so much. I don’t stuff it with books though, if there’s something really heavy or if I’m carrying more than 2, the rest I carry in my hands. As for my phone, it’s usually in my white coat pocket xD I wear jeans all the time but it’s hard to reach the pockets from over an abaya lol.
    You should write a post on your study routine.

    1. kashaf asim

      Omg which bag is it, please send me the link. We can be bag buddies!!! :p if i need a lot of books in uni, i just dump them in the car and pull them out whenever i have to study heh heh heh.

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