Karachi Eat 2018

Damn Kashaf, back at it again with another #KEFF post.

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So this year, I decided to go to KEFF with my friends on Saturday instead of the usual Sunday morning trip. We went without reading any reviews because Friday night had been a total disaster in terms of management and many patrons returned in disappointment.

We had a relatively better experience than last year because;
1. The event was at a larger place instead of the picturesque Frere Hall, making everything less chaotic.
2. Likes of Safeguard and Aman made sure that the area remained clean and provided people with free tissue and sanitizers.

The ticket prices increased this year, a flipping 300 PKR with a scarcity of sitting places and no shade. CKO being the usual pain in the ass. There was a 100 rupees redeem scheme going on in collaboration with KeenuWallet but i’ll rant about that later. Let’s talk about food.

First stop was at 2 Guys and 1 Grll (sounds superbly wrong but ohwell, not worse than the shit names in Hobnob’s menu). They were serving only one thing: Donut Burgers.


Oh my god. I can talk about it for days. Priced at 300 PKR and less than four inches in diameter, it wasn’t a fair deal but the taste somewhat made up for it. The meat was succulent, the sauce was to die for, and the subtle sweetness of the donut made everything perfect. I can’t wait for these guys to open up their own store; they’ll definitely find a regular customer in me.


Second was Awesamosas. In all honesty, i figured that this will be a burger rendition of a desi tea item and would be a total flop but boy, was i glad to be wrong. We tried their Caramelized onions, pizza and Reese’s samosas. First bite will tell you that these guys aren’t playing around. The pastry was so on spot in terms of flakiness. You could taste the effort the Awesamosas team had put in it. Caramelized onions was the star, next in line for me was Reese’s samosas, a fantastic duo of sweet and salty.


Then we stood in line for fifteen minutes at Fry Guys. We bought their Deep Fried Chicken in Waffle Cone, it had Sriracha sauce dribbled over it and honestly, was the star item in their menu. Deep Fried Philly Cheese Steak Roll, uff what a mouthful, looked really unappetizing and had a generous amount of salt in it. My friend hated it and told me to write a scathing review because that was a good 250 PKR down the drain.

Deep Fried Philly Cheese Steak Roll

We also tried Meet the Cheese’s chicken sticks with fries, they too had a cheese sauce over them. It was sort of bland for my liking, and for 300 PKR didn’t seem like a good deal.


Obviously all this food made us extremely thirsty and cranky so we went out to search for stalls that only served drinks. The Cocktail Bar was our stop and possibly the worst decision in the whole day. Our drinks were too concentrated, and i had to drink a whole bottle of water before feeling right again. Looking around, we could see people had left almost 75% of their drinks from TCB untouched so I guess we weren’t the only one with the shitty experience. It was priced at 250 PKR and a total waste of money.


I am not a sausage person but my friend ordered Corn Dogs from Grill in the City and they were juicy, af. Too bad that I was feeling exhausted by then, so couldn’t manage more than a couple of bites of those.


Fam’s Patisserie’s waffles were a must buy too.


Eventually we ended the day with a mixed berries bar from Pop Bar. It was refreshing and full of flavor.


I wish I could’ve stayed a little longer but at 4.30 pm the place had become quite chaotic so we had to leave.

Now coming to KeenuWallet. What a fuck load of scam by these guys. Apparently the 100 PKR from the ticket were redeemable but the scheme stopped for no reason. We did complain to one of the guys in the Keenu management and he started to guide us on how we could avail our rewards by going to so-and-so stalls however, you needed data for it. And even on data, the app was quite slow so basically, it was too much of a hassle and we paid in full everywhere. The app was deleted immediately after i reached home. There was no delete account option, which i would’ve preferred since now these idiots have my CNIC info.

Verdict: It was surprisingly well-managed. Surprising because CKO finally seems to take constructive criticism seriously. I would’ve gone today as well since there was so much I couldn’t try yesterday but oh well. There were more proper stalls rather than home-based chefs unlike last year. Entry ticket price is no doubt quite high, especially for people with large families, but then the event is also only meant to cater a certain class of crowd so that’s that. It is quite problematic but those who can afford it, i’d just say, don’t miss out on the innovative and actually delicious food inside.


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